Tips on How to Cum More

It would surely be good for men if they could cum more. Most women would love having a partner that could release more cum. If ever this is a problem for you, do not be worried too much since there are various ways on how to cum more. Prior to using pills and various products sold in the market, try some natural ways first. These ways are effective and does not put you to any kind of risk.

How to Cum More: Drinking Plenty of Water

If you are a natural drinker of water, surely you don’t have problems with the volume of your cum. Keep in mind that the sperm is water based. Thus, if you drink plenty of water, your body stays healthy and well nourished. If the body is in good condition, it is very much capable of producing plenty and healthy sperms.

Try the Stop and Go Method

This method is one of the most popular on how to cum more. A lot of men practice this already and it always shows good results. While you have sex, continue to please yourself to the point of ejaculating. But, prior to ejaculation, try to hold it off. This could be done with better control on your ejaculatory reflex. You might find it difficult to do at first, but you will surely get used to it once you practice it during masturbation.

Do this stop and go process as many times as you can. Prior to starting sex again, wait for the penis to relax a little bit. Keep in mind that the more stoppage you do, the better chance to experience high volume of cum. If it is your first time doing this method, stopping in sex might be a surprise to your partner so make sure you explain everything to her. When you get used to it, you could simply find a better position to stop ejaculation. When the time comes for you to ejaculate, you partner will surely enjoy the large amount of sperm.

Be Healthy and Fit

This tip is definitely one of the best solution for almost all problems of the body which include how to cum more. This is certainly a good tip since if the body is healthy, you will not experience any problem or disease that could affect the volume of your cum. Producing sperm is still a body function that requires optimum health for it to be done perfectly.

These naturally ways to improve the volume of your cum are safe and effective. However, since we are all unique, it might not be that effective to others. Regardless of the possible results, it is still worth a try.

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A Quick Review on the Ejaculation by Command of Lloyd Lester

Today, there are now a lot of products intended to stop premature ejaculation. The problem, most of these products are only good with promises and only a few really works with a long-term result. Among the products you could trust is Ejaculation by Command. Looking at the name of the product itself, it is designed to help you have control over your ejaculation. The author of the book is Lloyd Lester. The training program he presented in the book is now practiced by a lot of men and they are satisfied with the results.

The good thing about the product is it deals with premature ejaculation problem from the roots. It provides the best ways on how to train your body and mind to last longer during sex. The product will help you be aware of what is going on in your body so that you will be able to do something when you feel that you are about to climax. The program will make you become a better man in bed and to develop the endurance you need to help your lady achieve an orgasm.

In the Ejaculation by Command, various techniques and methods are presented and all these are natural solution to PE problem. The results might not be that quick but you could be sure that its effect is long-term. You will definitely enjoy more your next sex experience with constant practice of the methods discussed in the book.

The same as with other products, the core is in the physical training. You will be trained on how to hold your ejaculation longer.  With this, you could satisfy your partner better. The center of the training is on the pelvic muscle. It will help you avoid being aroused rapidly on any sexual stimulation. This may seem to be impossible to do at first, but in time you will see that the techniques in the book could really help.

It is really a good skill to learn how to control your level of arousal during sex. There are a lot of men who are immediately aroused just about a few seconds of a sexual intercourse. Do not worry that much if you experience this. The product will teach you with practical and effective ways on how you are going to control yourself during sex.

The most important thing here is you have the interest to really deal with the problem. It is also valuable that you have the patience for you will have to invest time, effort and energy in order to totally eliminate premature ejaculation. For a more in depth review of the Ejaculation by Command visit

Ejaculation Guru – How to Last longer in Bed

According to various researches, what most women look for are men who could last longer in bed. This simply means that you are in big trouble if you have premature ejaculation problem.  However, you don’t have to worry that much since a product called the Ejaculation Guru is now available. If you are among those who only could last for about 30 seconds in bed, then this product will provide you with ideas on how to last for about 30 minutes.

A relationship would surely be affected if a man could not satisfy his lady. This is why you need to seriously address your PE problem.  The Ejaculation Guru is certainly for men who wanted to stop ejaculating quickly. Jack Grave who created this product made sure that every crucial point about premature ejaculation is discussed in it. The first thing that you need to do is to be knowledgeable about the problem. The product will discuss to you everything you need to know about this ejaculation issue so that you could address it better. The methods and techniques you will find in the product would surely help you last longer during sex.

We already have tried various products in the market and one that really stands out is the Ejaculation Guru. The good thing about this product is it deals with the problem naturally. Plus, you don’t have to sacrifice your sex life for it. You would still have the usual sex life but this time, you will be performing better and better with every experience. The techniques mentioned in the product could immediately be applied.

If you have already tried different products online and none of these worked for you, do not hesitate to give this product a try. We personally recommend this since it is one of the most effective product we have tried so far when it comes to dealing with premature ejaculation. Before purchasing the Ejaculation Guru, make sure you read this review in order to have a more in depth knowledge about it.

Ejaculation Trainer Review – The Right Solution to Premature Ejaculation

A lot of men today experience a common problem on premature ejaculation. One of the best products available today to help these men get rid of this problem is Ejaculation Trainer. It offers various methods to help men chance their performance during sexual intercourse and become a better sex partner. About half the overall population of men experience this problem and if sadly you are among these people, this product could really help.

First, you need to know why you have this problem. One of the most popular causes of this problem is improper habits when it comes to masturbation. There are now a lot of adolescents who do masturbation and aims to ejaculate fast. This trains the body to do the same during sex. The body itself will become used to ejaculating quickly.

Keep in mind that it is not only physical stimulation that could cause premature ejaculation. What’s going on in your mind could also be a factor. This condition is also considered as failure to have power over your reaction to various sexual stimulation and arousal like the things running in your mind. It is also due to the lack of knowledge about premature ejaculation and failure to know how your body reacts to stimulants. Your lack of knowledge is the main reason why you have this problem.

In the Ejaculation Trainer, you will be trained on how to control ejaculatory response. It will provide you some tips on things that should be in your mind so as not to ejaculate prematurely. With this, you will know the triggers of early ejaculation giving you the chance to avoid it.

You would also learn that there are chemicals that could cause premature ejaculation such as those that increase the level of testosterone and dopamine. This book would give you an idea on how to control your ejaculation by controlling hormones and chemicals in the body. With this, you could have better control over your body and to your ejaculation as well. The Ejaculation Trainer would also help you know the things you have to avoid to last longer. All these information are discussed clearly and in simple terms.

So does it really work? The plan or the system is pretty much realistic. It would now be up to the person who would use it if he will be able to absorb and learn something from the information provided in this book. So far, a lot of men could prove that it had helped them last longer in their intercourse and have a contended and happy sex life.

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Want Your Sweetheart Back? You Much Better Pay Attention

Separations in relationships prevail yet when 2 individuals that were at first in love separate, it does not need to constantly suggest that the can never ever get to work it out. You can constantly get your guy back! Below are ideas on how to get your ex boyfriend back.
Suggestion 1:
Program him you genuinely care about him and you desire him back. If your partner left you for doing things that he dislikes, you need to be prepared to provide them up to have him back. If your ex lover sweetheart truly enjoyed you, it will just be a matter of days prior to he comes back into your arms.
Idea 2:
The next idea on how to get your ex boyfriend back is by doing things that he suches as. Program him that you are prepared and eager to make things work in between you too. The majority of guys just need to be revealed that they are required and desired in a relationship.
Idea 3:
The last idea that will definitely work the technique of ways to get your ex boyfriend back is by demonstrating how sorry you are for injuring their sensations. One can send him an apologetic letter, an e-mail and even a buddy to talk on their behalf. You need to do this really in order that you might get the trust of your partner.
By consistently using the ideas above, an ex lover who genuinely enjoyed you will return with you. If he does, you must make it your single obligation that whatever caused the break up never ever occurs once more. Best of luck and all the very best!

Check the following video for more ideas on how to get him back.

5 Excellent Suggestions To Win Your Ex-girlfriend Back

In case you really have to get your ex lover back, you’ll need to ask yourself whether you require her again for the right reasons. If you simply require her back just considering that you are scared that you might not get an additional sweetheart or you can not stand to see her with an additional guy, then its finest to move on and leave things as they are.
Once again, in the occasion that you require her back on the premises that you genuinely value her and you require her to provide you an additional chance to reveal your love, then you understand that you’re doing it for the all the right reasons. Feel complimentary to offer it the finest shot.
1. Provide her a long time alone.
This similarly suggests that you should not call her till in the future. You’re providing her chance and area and in the meantime, providing yourself the chance to recover mentally so you’ll stand a much better opportunity of managing your next possibility of winning her over without being psychological about it.
2. Say i’m sorry for the errors you made.
You should recognize that your errors might have promoted her extreme step of breaking the relationship, so the respectable thing to do is to say i’m sorry. Finishing along these lines, especially with remorse, will show reliability and duty for your errors.
3. Control your sensation.
You have to comprehend that you do not stand any opportunity of getting her back if at all you are still a psychological wreckage. Offer yourself sufficient time to restore control of your sensation and recover on the premises that women are typically put-off by desperate guys. Plainly, you’ll should show self-confidence when you get an additional chance to reach her.
4. Self Improvement.
Self renovation is likewise extremely vital presuming that you require to get your ex girlfriend back. There might be sure things about you that made her break the relationship, so you have actually to be devoted to make significant modifications in numerous elements of your life.
5. Remain in contact throughout unique occasions.
If it is her birthday, send her greetings or an unique birthday message. She may be delighted that you’ve not neglected her birthday and this might be a start of some much better things to come.
It’ll need some effort in order to to win your ex lover over. You’ll have to invest tons difficult work in order to win her back. Watch the following video for more information (

Countering Premature Ejaculation (Gaining the Extra Mileage)

Are you one of those guys out there that finally land the girl of your dreams after all those months of dating but worried that all may be lost when you take her behind doors? Well, premature ejaculations have been the nightmare and misery of many men but also the abrupt end to what may have been a wonderful story. Luckily for you we got the best sexologist to reveal three secrets to give you the extra mileage you need during sex.

Tips on How to Last Longer in Bed

Premature ejaculation is not a sexual condition permanently engrained in you, regardless to what most guys may think. The major secret is to simply understand how your ejaculatory system works. Once you have this knowledge you are able to control these triggers that will allow you to last longer in bed. These are the techniques/tactics that can be used to control these triggers:

1. Roof of the Mouth

For most of you guys this is the first time you’re hearing about this technique. Nevertheless it’s easy to do, deadly and works like a charm. This is what you do – When you sense you’re about to reach climax, rub the tip of the tongue in a circular motion along the roof of your mouth. Sound easy and doesn’t seem like much to do, does it? Well this technique works by keeping your arousal under control and keeps you in tune with your body sensations aside from what you experiencing in your genitals.

2. “10-2-10” Breathing Technique

The key to prolonging you ejaculation is having the right breathing patterns in checked. It allows your body and mind to be relaxed which helps you last a lot longer. This is done by breathing for ten seconds followed by holding your breath for two short seconds, before breathing out for another ten seconds. It is recommended that this be done for 2 to 3 minutes. Now your body will naturally be relaxed while you carry out your sexual routine. This technique can also be used DURING sex as well. By breathing out fully whenever you sense you’re approaching climax, will keep your pelvic muscles relaxed, prolonging ejaculation even further.

3. Choosing the right position

You guys need to be realistic. There are some sexual positions that will cause you reach an orgasm a lot faster than others, and the missionary position is one of these. You should try-out different positions to determine which will provide less simulation to your male anatomy. A good start will be the woman-on-top or “cow girl” position. As you sense you’re about to ejaculate, try pulling her down towards you and kiss her.

For a more in depth explanation on how to use different bed positions to last longer in bed, watch the following video:


Hint: Avoid getting into a rapid thrusting mode right away; instead take thing slower at the onset.

These tips or techniques would give you the extra mileage you need. I hope reading this gives you the confidence to move forward with your partner and write the next chapter of your beautiful love story.

The Comprehensive Details of How to Last Longer in Bed After a Date

Are you looking for quality ways on how to last longer in bed after a date? Have you been wandering from one platform to another looking for how to last longer in bed during sex? Press stop because you have landed on the right platform. Using pills can be used for the treatment of premature ejaculation. It will help last longer in bed for men. If you are using pill treatments, there is every possibility to experience better control and performance for longer duration. It will also help you enjoy a healthy sexual life as required. Reading through the rest of this article will unleash methods on how to last longer in bed during sex.

Using Desensitizing Condom

Normally, desensitizing condoms usually contain a lubricant called Benzocaine. The presence of the lubricants found in desensitizing condoms will help your organ go an extra mile during sex. It is important to wear the condom properly. This is to ensure proper functioning. In case you do not wear it properly, it will end up in your partner organ thereby making an individual not last longer in bed after a date. Using the desensitizing condom will help you prevent the embarrassment of not lasting long enough in bed.

The Old Start And Stop Method

This method has helped many people in the quest to stay longer in bed after a date. You can continue the process with your partner until approaching climax. Press the stop button for about five to ten seconds, then start again. This will help you stay much longer as required.

Work Out Your PC Muscle To Last Longer In Bed

Do you know that the PC muscle helps an individual to control ejaculation? Ensure to work out your PC muscle every day for sometime and discover the great results. It will help you control the performance of your ejaculation process. You may ask, how can you detect your PC muscle? It is simple and can be done during the time you pee. Simply stop in the middle when peeing for 5-10 seconds, start all over again by releasing, then continue that way. You will be able to discover your PC muscle easily.

Masturbation Skills

You can also apply the masturbation skills. You can masturbate for sometime and stop along the way. This can help you go from 15-20 minutes in bed after a date. Applying all the explained points will help you on how to last longer in bed during sex.

Watch this video and learn how to apply some masturbation tricks so you can last longer right before the date.